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A watering can is a gardening tool that is used to water plants by pouring water onto the soil. Using a watering can has many benefits for gardening. Firstly, it allows you to water plants more precisely and gently, which can help prevent overwatering or damaging delicate plants. Secondly, using a watering can is more efficient than using a hose, as it allows you to target the water where it is needed most without wasting water.

Finally, using a watering can is also a great way to save water, as you can collect rainwater in it and use it to water your plants instead of using tap water. A watering can is an important tool for any gardener, and can help keep your plants healthy and your garden thriving.Materials: cotton and cellulose. Size: approx. 17 x 20 cm. Hole for hanging.

Machine washable at any temperature; can be boiled. Boiling renders the dishcloth bacteria free. Compostable.

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