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A bullfinch is a small bird that is native to Europe and Asia. They are known for their distinctive black cap and bib on their chest, which contrasts with their soft, pinkish-red belly and gray back.

Bullfinches are often found in forests and woodlands, where they feed on seeds and fruits. They also have a unique ability to crack open hard seeds using their strong beaks, which allows them to access food sources that other birds may not be able to.

Bullfinch populations have declined in some parts of their range due to habitat loss and changes in land use. However, conservation efforts are being made to protect their habitats and populations.

Materials: cotton and cellulose. Size: approx. 17 x 20 cm. Hole for hanging. Machine washable at any temperature; can be boiled. Boiling renders the dishcloth bacteria free. Compostable.

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