CanCaps Your Eco-Friendly Solution for Fresher, Greener Cans!

Heather Shaw9/17/23

Upgrade your beverage experience and contribute to a sustainable future with CanCaps – the ultimate eco-friendly can covers designed to keep your drinks fresher and reduce single-use waste. Say goodbye to wasted sips and hello to a smarter, more environmentally conscious way of enjoying your favorite canned beverages. Preserve Every...

Introducing our Eco-Friendly Loofahs

Heather Shaw8/31/23

Upgrade your cleaning regimen with our Eco-Friendly Loofahs, thoughtfully designed to provide effective and environmentally conscious cleaning solutions.

Get Your Grab Bags Today!

Heather Shaw8/23/23

Embrace Sustainability and Surprise with Swedethings Grab Bags!

Oh Canada. Inspired Savings!

Heather Shaw6/21/23

Prepare yourselves for an offer that is as Canadian as maple syrup and as delightful as a Mountie on horseback. Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please.