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Ladybug Loofah

Ladybug Loofah

Red Owl Loofah

Red Owl Loofah

Beehives are homes made out of wax that the honeybees produce themselves. The wax is formed into hexagon-shaped cells that hold honey and baby bees. Bees work together to collect nectar from flowers, which they turn into honey. They store the honey in the cells of the beehive and use it as food for themselves and their young. Bees are very important for our planet, because they help plants grow by pollinating them, transferring pollen from one flower to another. This helps the flowers create seeds and grow into fruits and vegetables that we can eat. Bees are very important for our planet and help plants grow, which is why we should take care of them and protect their homes.

Loofah-Art® is a completely eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable product fabricated from a sustainable agricultural crop.
The loofah used in our products is acquired from pockets of farmers in underdeveloped cultures around the world. These farmers are self-employed and they come together in areas where we purchase their harvested crops.

Machine washable
Hand made

Exclusive Canadian Distributor

Swedethings is the only company in Canada that carries Kattinatt dreictly from Sweden


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